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Our Commitment

       At Exceptional Hearing Centre we strive to provide our patients with a unique hearing care plan and exceptional service, in order to assist in your hearing journey. With thorough testing, our knowledgeable staff will give you the tools and education to hear better.

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Image by Aaron Burden


Exceptional Hearing Centre offers exceptional customer service and quality hearing devices, while providing exceptional care.



Exceptional Hearing Centre strives to provide all patients with a unique Hearing Care Plan that encompasses everything needed to provide the patients with the tools for success on their hearing journey.

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Our Core Values are as Follows:

Respect- Regardless of race, gender and social economic level we want to provide care and service to each patient and their needs.

Customer Service- A customer care plan that benefits the patient through their hearing journey with positive patient education along the way

Quality- Staying up to date with current hearing technology and the industries testing standards will. allow all patients quality care and reliable hearing devices at our clinics.

Professionalism- Always expect a high level of professionalism, knowledge, kindness, empathy and patience at Exceptional Hearing Centre.

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